Thursday, May 10, 2007



Yes, I’m back in the COLD north, braving the elements of the frozen tundra. Can you believe it…I was out sharing the Gospel tonight…it was about 50 degrees F and folks were wearing t-shirts…brrrrrrr.

So much has happened, too much for my feeble mind to remember, so let me recount a few things that come to memory.


Before I left Florida, I was able to attend a wedding of some friends in the boat-yard. It was a fun wedding, pretty informal, with lots of shorts, tropical shirts and straw hats…y’know all the sailor-trash folks (like me) hangin’ round. My friends Don and Deana…I’ve had a chance to share the Gospel with them…am very concerned, but the Holy Spirit will be the one to convict of sin and bring them to repentance before God and faith in Jesus Christ.

At the wedding I got to chat with a man Hugo and his wife. I’d met them before but never really got to know them. Dad was there and handed them a $1,000,000 tract…Hugo stared…then told us that he had a pack of them at home. It was good to visit and see that he seems to be a genuine Christian, with a concern for the lost. I’m sending him some CD’s and stuff…pray that he will pick up the torch and reach out to the lost with urgency “knowing the terror of the Lord we convince men”.


After the wedding…actually while the party part was still on, I got antsy, loaded up my car and headed north. The long 5000km trip home took me three days. I got sleep at night and had fuel stops but stopped for almost nothing else. Because I stopped for little, I also talked to few people about the Gospel, but some still and left tracts in many fast-food places along the way.

One hotel operator in Illinois gave me the opportunity to share the Gospel with him, but was a little cavalier about judgment day. The same place, in the morning I met a man who claimed to believe in God. When we began to look at his guilt before the God’s Moral Law, he sent his children inside. He could not be moved from his idea that God will simply forgive, however…pray that he will see the need for repentance and faith.

In South Dakota, a Super-8 desk clerk talked to me for a while. She is Catholic and believes what he priest tells her…O what a terrible day Judgment Day will be for such as him. She saw her guilt before God but believes the priest has the authority to forgive sin here on earth, though she did acknowledge that her priest would not be standing with her on Judgment Day…she will be alone.


Okay…so I should maybe keep my mouth shut…no, I shouldn’t. I was at a charity BBQ back home and met some professing ‘Christians’ through a friend of mine. In conversation began asking questions about evangelism and talking of our responsibility to warn people of the wrath to come. After answering their objections with scripture and reason this seemed to develop into a time of yelling, where they gathered around to scream at me. If Christians were paid a $1,000 for everyone they witnessed to, would they overcome their fear of man? You bet they would…so why not for their Lord and their God?

I am beginning to thing the evangelical church as a whole has gone mad and is buying into the world’s ideas and abandoning the scripture and the commands of the Lord.


This week, I went with my son on a class school-trip to visit a Hutterite Colony. These are people of German descent, who moved to Canada to escape persecution for their beliefs. They have a tradition of Christianity, though it isn’t very clear that there is much reality, but a lot of legalism.

I was visiting with some of the boys as we toured the colony. At lunch, we all sat on a lawn while we ate…I began to share the Gospel and most of the young boys crowded around to listen about the Gospel. It was great to share. These boys knew a lot of the stories in the Bible even a few that were fabricated and taught to them (i.e. not in the Bible) but repentance and faith for justification before God seemed to be foreign to them.

I was able to talk to two of the mothers on the trip that also seem to have a growing burn for the Gospel within. Praise the Lord for that…maybe more laborers for the harvest!


Tonight I was able to go out preaching downtown Calgary with a group of Christian men I met। I was able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with quite a few people। One man, funny enough named Glenn, was quite flippantly opposed to the Gospel। We learned that he came from a professing Christian home। We were able to answer many of his objections and show him the Gospel। He was not aware of his true sinful condition, the righteousness of God and the judgment to come…and especially unaware of the significance then of the work of Christ on the Cross. If Christians would preach the disease before they preach the cure, folks would be clearer over what they are rejecting. If one is not convinced they are sick with the terminal disease of sin, why would they be interested in the cure by the Blood of Jesus Christ?

It was good to be back with some friends here on the streets, witnessing for Christ…even though it was ridiculously cold….like 50 degrees F.

More details later.