Saturday, December 13, 2008

Video: Freeport Church of the Downtown Bus Stop

My daughter was along this time, so we got some video:

Monday, December 8, 2008

Freeport Church of the Downtown Bus Stop (Bahamas)

Today, I arrived again at the man downtown bus stop, in Freeport, Bahamas, with my backpack and folding stool. I waited a bit for a few more people to come, arranged my backpack in front of me, got up on my stool, and began.

I encouraged those standing closest to gather around; then in a loud voice, announced, “Welcome to the Freeport Church of the Downtown Bus Stop!”. Asking those around, how many grew up in church, or attended church as a youth, many raised their hands. Then introduced Isaiah 53 & suggested that it was probably a familiar passage. I read a portion of the 53rd chapter of Isaiah and told the listeners this passage was describing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I explained that I wanted them to understand two things. The first thing was that this passage was written 700 years before his crucifixion…that his crucifixion was fulfilled prophesy, proving the Bible is true. The second was that the passage says that Jesus then died for sin…& what did that mean? I used this to bridge into the Law; pulling out a large copy of the Ten Commandments (a page in Ray Comfort’s open air book….not sure where you can download…email me and I’ll help you). I spent lots of time going through each commandment one at a time, explaining. I preached much longer than I usually do, showing Law, sin, judgment and wrath of God.

Part way through, a young woman approached to listen and got out her cell phone holding it in front of her, then beside me…finally dropping the pre-text, she help the phone up in front of me….she was recording. When her bus came, she smiled, waved encouragement and left. Another bus driver came by, a Christian brother, smiling and waving encouragement as he helped passengers off his bus, and then he left on his route.

Finally, getting to Grace, I slowly and in detail explained the work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary. It would make an interesting ‘sermon’ to listen to, because some people were staying, others coming and going…& busloads of people (some Bahamians and some tourists) coming and going. Because of all the coming and going, I kept backing up, talking more about sin, righteousness, judgment, and then getting back on track with my message. I pulled out my ‘magic’ Bible, flipping the pages showing that as a non-believer, you read the Bible and find it means nothing (the pages show blank as I flip them for the crowd); I then explain that as one attends church and pays attention, he sees that the stories have value and are good. I got into my testimony and explained that as I repented and believed the Gospel, the whole Bible came alive….the words of life, and flipped again to show the pictures of the stories of the Bible all in bright color.

I preached much, much longer than usual, kind of getting a bit hoarse towards the end (preaching without amplification). I was trying to record, but hit the iPod buttons wrong and didn’t get it…sorry. As I was getting ready to get down, I asked those listening to swallow their pride and come take an “Are You Good Enough To Go to Heaven?” tract. Several did, before I was even done speaking.

I was at the same bus stop last Friday and managed to record that; a much shorter and more standard message. I’ll post that for y’all to listen to. My podcast is at On that day, numerous people came forward to get tracts as well, and some Christians came to talk and eventually took “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” CD’s to listen to….were quite appreciative of someone preaching in their country…encouraging.