Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hostile Michael Comes To Talk!! + Open Air Preaching

We'd been witnessing weekly at Fort Myers Beach's Time Square & one week began Open Air Preaching. The first week, a waiter in a patio restaurant at the beach began yelling at us; we perceived that he was unfriendly to us after that. We'd tried going to eat at the restaurant & ask for him as a waiter, but he had a weekend off the week we tried that.

This week, Bobby and I were handing out tracts and talking to people about the Gospel; guess who walked right up to me? Yep, you guessed it! He walked right up to me; seeing him coming, I figured 'O, here goes!. He was quite pleasant and began asking me questions. He kept having to leave and serve his customers, but came back again and again. We talked for about forty-five minutes about the Gospel. He told me that when he first saw us, he thought we were pretty fringe, but after talking he thought we didn't think too differently after all.

Michael (that's his name) had kinda gone off the rails when his mother died, the bad stuff he was doing brought unpleasant consequences to his life. He found that stopping doing this (kind of worldly repentance) made his life improve. We focused on the fact that even if he did turn from all sin, that would not remove the guilt he had stored up for himself....he needed a sacrifice, payment for sin....a savior! Pray for Michael.

Richard was another young man that both Bobby & I talked to. We talked to a group of three young-men, (all drinking); two left but Richard stayed. Richard seemed very convicted of sin, really wanted to talk about the Gospel; was previously trusting in God letting him off for sin, if he just asked for forgiveness. His eyes began to open as he saw how if God was Just, he could NOT just let Richard off with sin....that would mean God was NOT just & a corrupt judge! Richard was VERY sober of mind, seemed to be convicted of sin & glad to hear of the Gospel. Pray for Richard!

Here's Bobby & I Open Air Preaching, as is our habit weekly (you can listen to recording of our preaching at http://repentanceforgrace.podomatic.com/ + subscribe using iTunes):

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