Friday, April 13, 2007

HEY...I Finally Found One!!!


An amazing thing happened today. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets, I've encountered I'm sure 100's of professing Christians. Among all these people, I can't recall ONE that could clearly and accurately verbalize the way of salvation. Doesn't this freak you out?...dozens and dozens and dozens of people claiming salvation through Jesus Christ but unable to tell me the way of salvation. If they couldn't tell ME the way of salvation, how where THEY saved?!...or where they?

While picking up some supplies for the renovations on Seawing, I met an older gentleman who served me at the hardware store here in Fort Myers Shores, Florida. Funny, I was about to wimp out and not shift the conversation to spiritual things, but decided not to wimp out and began a conversation. I asked if he'd any kind of Christian background...he had. As usual, I asked..."Okay...I'm laying on the ground in front of you, a knife in my chest...I'm bleeding out. I've only 60-seconds to live...I'm scared of do I get to Heaven?!" Usually 'Christians' stammer a bit or mumble something about asking Jesus into your heart (what verse is that?). This gentleman coolly looked at me and came out with Repentance & Faith! WOW! I know this shouldn't be mind-blowing, but I actually found a real one! :-)


My uncle is on his death-bed back in Canada. Last Tuesday, I dropped my Dad off at the Fort Myers airport...he flew back to say good-bye to his older brother and take one last opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him.

While at the airport, I was passing out Gospel tracts (as is my regular M.O.). One particular well dressed older couple were very indignant at being approached with a tract and asked if they would go to Heaven when they died. They stomped off, crumpled up their million-dollar bill tracts and forcefully threw them in the trash.

This example just reinforces my observation that older people are, in general, so much more hard hearted than youth. Youth might be profane, wild and lacking any moral standard, but when approached with the Law of the Lord and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are many, many times more open to the conversation than older folks. Why is this? Maybe the heart gets harder over the years. Maybe, however, the conscience, burdened by years and years of SIN gets surly and out of sorts...angry at being reminded of the tremendous burden of guilt.


Do you have friends or family members who have NOT repented of their sin and trusted in the Savior? What would happen to them if they died tonight...where would they go? Hell?! How can you sit there, reading this and NOT warn them of the wrath to come?


When I return to Airdrie this spring, I am planning to begin a study/training group to show YOU how to simply and biblically share your faith in a simple and comfortable manner. Speak the truth in love, and have it make sense to the hearer. Are you a Christian? Do you need training in how to share your faith? Are you within driving distance of Airdrie? If this is you, email me today!


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