Friday, June 13, 2008

Gospel to Drug Dealer, Publix, Tracts & More

Driving down the street this morning, near our boat, I can across a few hip-hop looking guys standing on the side of the road, in front of a house. My window was open, so I stopped and offered Million-Dollar-Bill tracts; which they gladly took. I began talk to them about the ‘Million Dollar Question’, would they go to heaven when they die. In the next minute, most of the group scattered (like cockroaches do when the light is turned on) but one young man was left behind.
The young man, who stayed, said he went to church & considered himself a good person. We talked of death, judgment and God’s high and holy standard, as revealed in Scripture. After being called away by one of the group & a cell-phone call, he returned to the conversation. He finally said something like, ‘if what you’re sayin’ is the way it’ll be, I’ll go to hell’. I assured him that the scriptures say exactly that & shared with him the amazing work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary; that God commands him to Repent and but his Faith in Jesus Christ, the risen Savior. A side note; the man with me is more street-wise & told me the fellow I'd share the Gospel with was a drug-dealer & the others he customers.

For the past two or three weeks, a young man has been working with me to help me re-do the interior of our sailing vessel Seawing, to get her ready for the voyage south. This young-man, made a profession of faith as a teen, but has since been walking FAR from God. We’ve talked a lot over this past few weeks, of the scriptures clear warning that not all those that name the name of Christ are Christians (Mathew 7, I John + many more). The scriptures are so full, friends, of this truth; we never read in God’s Word that someone is a Christian because they prayed a prayer, or walked an fact the concept of leading a sinner in a ‘sinner’s prayer’ is something like fifty-years old. II Timothy 2:19 reads “...let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” This young-man has been attending church with us, and discussing the scriptures with me; he’s making a profession of faith. Sue and I’ve given him a MacArthur Study Bible to read and learn with; he’s been reading it voraciously & talking with me the next day of what he’s read.

Today I dropped him at the bus station for the four-hour trip north to see his girlfriend this weekend. He had me sit with him before his bus & help him mark verses to explain the Gospel from before he went north, so he could talk to whom ever sat beside him on the bus (& so he could explain the Gospel). I looked for an church in the town he’s going to on (a good church search site) & found a good potential church a few miles from his destination. He’s hoping to take his girlfriend to church.

Please pray for him; that God will clearly reveal to him whether his is truly saved or not; that he will see himself in truth & either stand strong, or repent of his sin & put his trust in the Saviour. Please pray that our Lord will provide a way for him to run from sin this weekend, as the potential pitfalls there are many.

Tonight, I was standing in line at the Publix supermarket, buying roast chicken & cheese. The man behind me sat his fried chicken behind my roasted one on the checkout stand. I made a comment that his fried chicken looked good & maybe I should have gotten friend, instead of roasted; that fried stuff tasted SO good, even though it was so bad for you. I was (momentarily) stunned by his response; he said that no matter how healthy you eat, or how much exercise you get, we will all die anyway. Have you had a sinner setup a presentation of the Gospel like that before? I quickly recovered & asked him what he thought was out there when we left this world. He thought there was something out there, but not sure he believed in Heaven & Hell. I commented that God tells us in His Word, that he has appointed the day we will die & then we are to be judged & that by His standard of right & wrong (Hebrews 9:27 & Acts 17:31). We talked briefly about the Law of God & then I had to pay for my groceries. As I left the cashier with a Million Dollar tract, I gave one to him also. Maybe I stopped at this store (where I seldom do) just to bring thoughts of Judgment Day to this man. May God bring him to Repentance & Faith.

Today I was able to go through dozens of tracts, and it wasn’t a special day. Please understand, I’m nobody special (those of you who know me can attest). I mention this only to encourage all of you to carry and use tracts. You can hand them to people, leave them tucked in then crack behind the hand-dryer in the store bathroom, in the pockets of clothes at Wal-Mart, even hand them to people. One of my favorites here in Florida, is to go into the beer isle at the grocery store and drop foled gospel tracts into the slots on the top of each beer case. Try, or to find tracts....if you need to email me for help. There are so MANY good, creative tracts out there, get some you like & hand them out. Just make sure they use the Law to bring knowledge of sin & warn of judgment & exhort the sinner to repentance & faith. Remember, a written Gospel is MUCH better than no Gospel at all.

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