Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shine, Rain, Clear & Preaching

Today is Saturday & again to the beach to share the Good News!

As this is summer time in SW Florida, rain was a factor. We met around 3:30 pm and began talking to people and handing out tracts.

I met Kevin and his friend. Kevin was open and questioning about the Gospel, while his friend was very closed and NOT open….we talked of the coming Judgment of God and God’s Righteousness. Kevin seemed bothered, while his friend was losing patience.

Later, I met Andreas & Louis; young men. These guys had some kind of church background, but considered themselves good guys and hoped they’d get to Heaven. Both professed to have kept the Ten Commandments, so without comment I began to go through the commandments to see….they failed miserably. After seeing their guilt, they professed concern, so I explained the incredible Grace of our God in rescuing his chosen from the terrible grip of sin, exhorting them to repentance and faith.

It began to rain, so we all gathered in the shelter of the Dairy Queen awning to talk together of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What awesome conversations these are, to enjoy Christ together and his amazing Word.

The rain let up a little, but it seemed that everyone had abandoned the beach, we all decided to go home. I hadn’t got to preach open air and felt a pull, so hung around a little, walking around the block. I got back to the square and saw people coming and going from the pier….thought about preaching & wimped out.

Returning to my car, I had the door open when I was approached by a man I’d talked to about the Gospel (Kevin). He and I chatted for a long-time, getting deeper into the Word, showing the Righteousness and Sovereignty of God. I finally asked him if he’d stand in as my rent-a-crowd for an open air…he agreed & I preached across from a ice cream shop….lots of folks stood around listening….no comments or hecklers though.

I send Kevin home with a Bible to read….pray for him.

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