Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Devon, Phillip & Brown in the Bahamas

Today, my son Ben & I caught a ride downtown Freeport to pickup a special type of bolt for the alternator on our boat (i.e. floating home). Because we’ve not car, we were then on foot ‘till we caught a city bus home (note; ‘city bus’ in Freeport, means something that looks suspiciously like a minivan, with an inordinate number of seats inside….privately owned and seemingly quite efficient). So, after the hardware store, we were on foot for a hike to the post office. We were able to give out a few tracts along the way.

At the post office, I gave a tract to the postal clerk, who responded quite positively and professed faith in Jesus Christ. Leaving, I turned and handed a tract to a sharply dressed man, sitting on a folding chair just outside the main entrance. I pointed out to him the question on the back, “Will you go to Heaven?”….he figured he would. I asked (wondering if he might be a true believer) why? After sifting through lots of island-speak, his reasoning was that he was a good person…imagine that? Heard that before? We talked around this for a while & we finally arrived at the conclusion that God will judge all men by His standard of righteousness, illustrated in the Ten Commandments. I grinned at him (Devon) and asked if he cared to prove that? He agreed. Devon freely admitted that he’d broken each commandment, that he’d be found guilty on the Day of Judgment….but seemed totally unconcerned. It became clearer what he was thinking, when he said that all men have sinned….so, yes he’d broken God’s Laws, but was as good or better than most (in his own eyes). I began to use some practical examples to show Devon that this was unreasonable. I asked him if he was driving down the road, here on Grand Bahama, in a 45mph zone, at 60mph….figuring he was okay because everyone else was driving the same speed….when an officer pulled up behind him and turned on his lights and siren, would it be an acceptable excuse that others were speeding too? Devon agreed it would not be an acceptable excuse. I asked if one committed a serious crime here in the Bahamas & were not caught for years, would the judge, looking at all the evidence against him, let him go because he’d been a good citizen in the intervening time? He agreed “no”. I explained to Devon that if the judge did, he would be in dereliction of duty & an unjust judge. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the just judge of all the earth & that God will “by no means clear the guilty”.

We talked at length of the command of scripture to Repentance & Faith in Jesus Christ, with much explanation. Devon talked of his sick mother & how he was copying out scripture verses to give to her, so that she might be healed….quite a strange belief according to scripture. I asked where the scriptures instructed us to do that…he looked at me a little surprised and seemed to agree that maybe it did not. I told Devon that he need to sit and think of his sin (the thousands & thousands of offences he’d committed against a Holy & Just God) & of the amazing kindness of God (giving him life, a family, an amazing place to live & dying on the Cross of Calgary to pay for sin)….that this should break his heart “…godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.” (2Cor.7:10).

Pray for Devon….he seems to actually be pondering these truths and eternity.

Hungry, my son and I walked down the road to Wendy’s (yes, fast food is invading de islands). When we were almost done eating, I stepped to the table behind us and gave million-dollar bill tracts to the two security guards that sat there….they were very receptive and open to conversation. Brown and Phillip both attend church regularly, but figured that to pray, attend church and be a good person will get one into heaven. They were quite forthcoming with admissions of guilt before the law & were quite attentive as I explained the Gospel in truth, showing the way of salvation. Phillip actually got out pen and paper and took notes, writing down scriptures we talked about to lookup and read at home. Please pray for these man…they now know the way of salvation, pray that God will bring them to repentance.

I’m enjoying the Bahamas & Bahamians….though some have actually been totally closed to the Gospel, most are quite receptive, but many are quite religious, but not born again.


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