Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gospel in Haitian Creole

We were privileged to once again spend some time in the Bahamas late this spring.  Though I did spend some time preaching at the downtown bus terminal as used to be my habit here; we spent quite a bit of time working at a local community largely populated by Haitian refugees.  Quite a few of the men have been deported back to Haiti, leaving the women and children to fend for themselves.  Fending for yourself is quite difficult when you are not legally allowed to work. 

Among other things that we were involved in doing, we felt it was important to focus on the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Every day, we took a time to gather people together and simply the Gospel.  Online at there is a Haitian Creole Bible; so were were able to make huge posters of the scripture I preached on each day, in both English and Haitian Creole.  Sometimes Sue would help me in French to bring an understanding of what we were trying to explain. 

Our last day, we surprised them by acting out a skit; Sue walked in the room as were gathered for our ‘devotional’ and as she walked to the front, Ben held out his hand like he was holding a gun and yelled “bang, bang, bang”.  Sue fell to the floor yelling for help; that she was scared of Hell, how can she get to Heaven?  I coaxed the ladies to help her, tell her the way of salvation.  We were frustrated to find that only one could (finally) after some coaxing.  We felt the language barrier was a bit of a problem with our skit.  J

At the end, we believe that there were a couple who seemed to understand the Gospel and seemed to be trusting in Christ.

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